Don’t be like this…

MOST people who came online hoping to ‘make it’ will go through this phase. They started with sky-rocket enthusiasm and after a few months they hit the ground hard, realizing all their effort and hard work did not produced any results or the outcome they desired. This sounds discouraging I know, but this is what happening until now. That is why many said that only 2% of the people who came online will make it. And the 98% will failed and quit.

It is also common that many people will try and jump from one program to another program when they started online. Hoping to finally discovered the BEST system that can make them rich overnight. Well, so here is the reality. All the rich internet entrepreneurs did not become rich overnight but they accumulate their wealth overtime. They too just like you and me, they learnt each step and accept each challenges that comes in their way. What I am trying to say here is, don’t expect that online business is an overnight success, it is not. Just like any other thing you want to learn, you must learn from basic and build your skill up gradually, you will definitely improved, trust me this far.

Staying FOCUS is another one big issue. Most people are too easily tempted with one program after another and without realizing, you will end up with zero knowledge and skill by joining one new program each month. So please, if you have decided where your interest lies, just stick with one system or program, stick through it, finished the course and work your heart out until you see any form of results. Even a dollar is also a good indication to prove to you that it works.

Another major misconception about doing an online business or making money online is that, it should be FREE! Please don’t ever have look at it this way. Nothing is free. If you know that opening a physical store or boutique need some expenses upfront, then what makes you think a virtual business doesn’t need any expenses? In any business regardless, you definitely need some tools to get started, please acknowledged this basic. Even if you are going for a 9-5 job, you are spending for your transportation to travel to work, working attire, lunch expenses etc. See it?

The above are the few major misconception that I see most people are having. I hope you can overcome these if you are serious about doing something online.

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