Kevin Fahey’s Traffic Five Review

Welcome to my Traffic Five review! I like to keep my review short and direct to the point, yet has enough information on the front end product to help you make your buying decision. Let’s get started!

Kevin presented 5 traffic generation strategies that he is implementing himself and his traffic strategies are responsible in generating him $500,000 of revenue yearly either in his own product launch or in his affiliate promotion campaigns. I’m sure you are looking for teaser and insights into this product before you make a purchase. I’m going to share what are the 5 traffic generation strategies briefly without giving away too much. Otherwise, it will not be fair to Kevin.

Here are the 5 traffic generation strategies you’re going to learn from Kevin:
1. Free WSO Offers – Launch free product as WSO in WarriorPlus forum.
2. Solo Ads – Not the regular solo ads method that everyone is using. Kevin added a twist to optimize the results from solo ads.
3. Traffic Co-Ops – Exchange traffic source with other marketer.
4. Product Launches – Launching your own product. *This is how you build your buyer list!
5. 3 in 1 Evergreen Strategies – How Kevin combines 3 traffic strategies and use it effectively.

Here you go, the 5 traffic generations strategies found inside Traffic Five by Kevin Fahey.

Is Traffic Five worth it?

These are very common and popular traffic generation strategies among affiliate marketers to generate their 5 figures and 6 figures income in their online business. What Kevin shared is very genuine traffic methods that are still relevant and is working today, but provided you know how to use and implement these strategies correctly and effectively. If not implemented correctly, then you are not making full use of these powerful traffic sources and you won’t achieve the desired outcome that you’re hoping for.

To make sure you are getting the best out of Traffic Five, the training is delivered in text based and video based content. Kevin has layout out his training content in an orderly manner and you just need to follow through the step by step courses and make sure you FINISH the course too! And ultimately, you need to implement what is taught by Kevin in order to start earning some revenue.

Product Price

Front End: $26.78 at the time of writing

There are several stages of one-time-offer and upsells which is optional to purchase:
Project Restart – $19.95
Project Restart interviews – $37.00
The Easy Repetitive System – $27.65
IM VIP Training & IM Coaching Series Blowout – $167.00
The Essential 8 Combo Package – $47.00
IM Checklist Gold Membership – $3.00

You will know the details of the one-time-offer and upsells after you make the front end purchase because you’ll be brought through all the upsell pages. I will not go into each details of the upsell since it’s optional. You can purchase the upsell wherever you see is useful for your online business. On a side note, I have followed Kevin’s work in these past several years and I can say his works are genuine and useful.


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Instagram Mastery

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Snapchat Marketing Unleashed

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