QishioSoci Review With Demo Video

Welcome to my QishioSoci review! I like to keep my review short but direct to the point to save your time and help you to make better buying decision. Let’s get started!

What is QishioSoci?

QishioSoci is a “breakthrough A.I bot” that puts your offer or affiliate link in front billion of hungry buyers. So this is not a training product but sounds like a software that performs some traffic generation job for us. Let’s see how this traffic software can do what it is supposed to do and can it really solve our traffic problems.

What QishioSoci can do?

This is how the QishioSoci software dashboard looks like. Clean, simple and user friendly interface. You can connect your JVzoo and WarriorPlus accounts in this dashboard for easy management between both affiliate platforms. Once integrated, you can access your JVzoo and WarriorPlus accounts from this dashboard to find your offers to promote.

Second, there’s a page builder function where you can build landing page to promote your offers from JVzoo and WarriorPlus. You can select from existing template and customize from there. After completing your landing page design, you can download and save your work and a unique URL will be generated for each of your landing page (see below).

Your list of landing pages can be found under Downloaded Pages. You can grab your URL from this screen and promote your URL on social media etc. However, you cannot customize the URL of your landing page because the system is defaulted to assign the naming under soci.qishio.com domain.

Next is the FB Posting function. You can create new post from this dashboard and post it to your desired FB Page. So you don’t need to manually login your FB to make a new post.

Next is the three autopilot functions. What these three functions do?

Messenger Bot – You can setup autoreply template to your FB messenger. And when someone sends you a message the bot can help you to handle a few simple replies before you intervene the conversation.

FB Autopilot – This helps you to autoreply your followers comment in your post. This way, you can maintain timely interaction and engagement with your page followers.

IG Autopilot – It does the same where it helps you to autoreply your followers comment in your post to maintain a timely engagement with your page followers.

Here you go, an inside look into QishioSoci software. In summary, QishioSoci is a software to help you automate your social media (Facebook and Instagram) activities such as posting, messenger bot reply and comment reply so even when you’re offline, you don’t have to worry about replying to the comment and messenger messages. It helps you to take off some workload by managing your social media partially.

Watch QishioSoci software demo video

Is QishioSoci worth it?

I can see that QishioSoci is not a traffic generation software honestly (as it claimed in the sales page). This software cannot help you to get traffic but instead it only automates some of your social media activities. Is it worth it? If you’re looking for actual traffic generation method then it’s definitely not worth it; because this is not the exact solutions you’re looking for. Creating landing pages and then posting the link in FB page is not traffic generation – it’s just posting and updating. You don’t actually get traffic by simply sharing your link UNLESS you have a huge list of followers in your social media account.

However, if you’re looking for social media automation tools, then Yes this software can help you to manage some of your social media account activities.

PS: If you’re looking for real traffic generation tactics, please follow through this article until the end.

Product Price

Front End: $17 at the time of writing. If you visit the sales page for the first time, a one-time pop up window will appear offering you a $4 discount. Grab this discount if you’re ready to buy.

There are several stages of one-time-offer and upsells which is optional to purchase:
QishioSoci Unlimited – $37.00
QishioSoci Unlimited Discount – $27.00
QishioSoci Automation – $67.00
QishioSoci Automation Discount – $47.00
QishioSoci DFY – $197.00
QishioSoci DFY Discount – $97.00
QishioSoci Reseller License – $67.00
QishioSoci Reseller License Discount – $47.00
QishioSoci Steal Our Website Traffic – $97.00
QishioSoci Steal Our Website Traffic Discount – $67.00
QishioSoci DFY Traffic – $397.00

You will know the details of the one-time-offer and upsells after you make the front end purchase because you’ll be brought through all the upsell funnel pages. I will not go into each details of the upsell since it’s optional and each of the upsell sales page is self explanatory. You can purchase the upsell wherever you see is useful for your online business.


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