Storm Review With Demo Video

Welcome to my Storm review! I like to keep my review short but direct to the point to save your time and help you to make better buying decision. Let’s get started!

What is Storm?

Storm is a new app that lets you copy and paste your way to earn $25 to $50 every day without having to sell anything. How does it actually works? Is it possible? We’ll see.

I got you a demo video that demonstrates how to use Storm app. This demo video is about 5 minutes long; however if you prefer a quicker way to learn about the software, you can skip the video and just continue reading this blog post. My review is always to the point and I will give you on the spot information about the software.

Storm demo video

Storm quick review

  • 1. Blog Builder (Video time stamps: 00:43)
    • This is a AI blog builder.
    • If you always wanted to own WordPress niche blog but find it too time consuming to blog yourself, then this is is a no-brainer solution. You can generate a content optimized niche blog in just TWO steps and the blog is ready within few minutes! Watch the video to see it yourself.
    • Pros: Own as many blogs as you want and as soon as you need one.
    • Cons: Your blog can only be named as a sub-domain under
  • 2. Pin Engine (Video time stamps: 02:00)
    • This is like a Pinterest Pin research tool. You can find engaging Pinterest Pin within the app and saved your favourite Pins.
    • Then you can edit the Pin with the cool image editor tool within the app and schedule your Pins to your Pinterest account. All these can be done within the app.
    • Pros: Cool build-in image editor tool to edit your Pins design.
    • Cons: None.

Although my summary above is short, but it already says it all about the software. You can watch the demo video to see Storm App in action. As you can see, Storm app has TWO major functions:
1. AI tool to create done-for-you content optimized blog.
2. Automation tool to create, edit and schedule Pinterest Pins.

By consistently posting new Pins to your Pinterest is a method to generate free traffic to your niche blog. However, posting Pins to your Pinterest do not always guarantee traffic and definitely cannot earn you $25 – $50 every 5 minutes (as claimed in the sales page). Logically, posting Pins only attract people to view your Pin content and some of the viewers might click to visit your website.

Is Storm worth it?

For me personally, Storm is worth it if I am into creating and maintaining multiple blogs for whatever online businesses I am doing. However when comes to social media posting and scheduling, Storm is not worth it because there are many other software in the market that do the same. And also, those other software can do for many more social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. all within one app. Therefore, if you’re looking for social media automation then Storm app is not worth it.

However, Storm app is still a legitimate software that automates WordPress blog creation and Pinterest Pin design plus posting for you. If you are looking exactly for these two combination, then this software is sure worth it at this one-time price. Honestly, what I am most impressed with is the WordPress blog creation. I have seen several others blog creation tools in similar price range and most of them only produced mediocre quality blog. Whereas in Storm, the blog appearance actually looks better in quality, at least for me.

Product Price

Front End: $17 at the time of writing. If you visit the sales page for the first time, a one-time pop up window will offer you a $4 discount. Grab this discount if you’re ready to buy.

Storm has deep one-time-offer and upsells funnel which is optional to purchase:
Storm Unlimited – $67.00
Storm Automation – $47.00
Storm Automation Discount – $37.00
Storm Overnight Traffic – $97.00
Storm Overnight Traffic Discount – $67.00
Storm Done For You – $197.00
Storm Done For You Discount – $97.00
Storm 1 Hour Profits – $47.00
Storm 1 Hour Profits Discount – $37.00
Storm Reseller – $47.00
Storm Reseller Discount – $37.00
Storm Core + Faster Servers Addon (17.00 + 9.95) – $26.95
Storm Unlimited Discount – $37.00

You will know the details of the one-time-offer and upsells after you make the front end purchase because you’ll be brought through all the upsell pages. I will not go into each details of the upsell since it’s optional and each upsell sales page is self explanatory. You can purchase the upsell wherever you see is useful for your online business.


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PS: If you’re looking one app solution to automate posting to all your social media, you can head over to my Type4Cash Review With Demo. Checkout the demo video to see if this app can serves what you need for your business.

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