Type4Cash Review With Demo Video

Welcome to my Type4Cash review! I will keep my review short but direct to the point, to save your time and help you to make better buying decision.

What is Type4Cash?

Type4Cash headline claimed that you can “get paid every 2 minutes for typing online”. What does this actually means? Well, just like most other affiliate marketing digital product, the headline in the sales page is never able to tell us exactly what the software does or what is the training about. Therefore, in my Type4Cash review, I will give you a tour into the product to help you get a better picture.

I got a demo video that demonstrates all the functions inside Type4Cash software/ app. This demo video is about 16.5 minutes long; but if you prefer a quicker way to browse through the details of the software, you can skip the video and just continue reading my personal review below. Just like how I did in other reviews, I will keep it short, summarize and straight to the point to save your time. Let’s go!

Type4Cash demo video

Type4Cash quick review

In short, the software is divided into 5 main functions and here’s the summary of each function with the video time stamps if you want to refer to the demo video:

1. Page Cash (Video time stamps: 01:13)
– This is a landing page builder.
– There’s many pre-made landing page templates to choose from the library. You can choose the
pre-made landing page template and customize the page with the page builder tools inside the

2. Typing Cash (Video time stamps: 03:09)
– Copywriting template where you can find pre-written copywriting content to use in your online business.
– You can find mass collection of pre-written content for Email Campaign, Headlines, Sales Letter, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Webinar, Upsells, Opt-in Pages, Testimonial and Video Scripts.

3. Social Cash (Video time stamps: 05:22)
– You can create new post and schedule it from here, to post into your social media pages in Facebook and Instagram.
– The second function is the automated comment reply. You can automate your reply for comment on your post and also automate to Like a new comment.
– The third function is the Social Blast where you can share your post to a large variety of social media channels other than Facebook and Instagram.

4. Multichannel Cash (Video time stamps: 11:13)
– Create Email Campaign and SMS Campaign to send to your subscribers.
– You can integrate the build-in autoresponder with Mailgun, Mandril and Sengrid via API.

5. Utility Cash (Video time stamps: 14:22)
– You can compare two websites and also do link cloaking to mask your affiliate links.

Although the summary above is short, but it already says it all about the software. You can watch the demo video above to see more details. As you can see, Type4Cash is an automation tool for social media and internet marketing in general. Inside, you can find pre-made template for landing page, pre-written copywriting content, post scheduler, post comment autoreply, email scheduler, website comparison and link cloaking.

Is Type4Cash worth it?

I can say Type4Cash is a legitimate software that automates your social media and some of your internet marketing activities. If you are looking for such automation tool as described above, then this software is worth it! There’s many other automation tools as well in the market, but many are priced on the higher side or you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to use it. Type4Cash is worth it if you only need simple automation such as what this software can do, then this is perfect for you. Or if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing or internet marketing where you need to keep your cost low, then this software is a good alternative solution for you.

Why is Type4Cash worth it?
1. Has many pre-made landing page design.
2. Has many pre-written copywriting to use for online campaign.
3. Can create and schedule new post from inside the dashboard itself.
4. Can share post to many of the popular social media platforms.
5. Can create autoreply to your post comment.
6. Has built-in email autoresponder that connects to popular email services.
7. No steep learning curve because the software is very easy to use.
8. Just 1-time $15 fee for unlimited use.

Product Price

Front End: $17 at the time of writing. If you visit the sales page for the first time, a one-time pop up window will offer you a $2 discount. Grab this discount if you’re ready to buy.

Type4Cash has deep one-time-offer and upsells funnel which is optional to purchase:
Type4Cash Downsell – $15.00 (after the $2 discount)
Type4Cash Unlimited – $47.00
Type4Cash Unlimited DS – $37.00
Type4Cash Done For You – $297.00
Type4Cash Done For You DS – $197.00
Type4Cash Hands-Free Automation – $97.00
Type4Cash Hands-Free Automation DS – $67.00
Type4Cash 5x Income Multiplier – $47.00
Type4Cash 5x Income Multiplier DS – $37.00
Type4Cash Limitless Traffic – $167.00
Type4Cash Limitless Traffic DS – $67.00
Type4Cash Franchise License – $297.00
Type4Cash Franchise License DS – $97.00
Type4Cash 5 Minute Emergency Cash – $67.00
Type4Cash 5 Minute Emergency Cash DS – $37.00
Type4Cash + $47/MINUTE Multi-Platform Typing – $26.95
Type4Cash DS + $47/MINUTE Multi-Platform Typing – $24.95

You will know the details of the one-time-offer and upsells after you make the front end purchase because you’ll be brought through all the upsell funnel pages. I will not go into each details of the upsell since it’s optional and each upsell sales page is self explanatory. You can purchase the upsell wherever you see is useful for your online business.


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