Banklify Review With Demo Video

Welcome to my Banklify review! I like to keep my review short but direct to the point, to save your time and help you to make better buying decision. Let’s get started!

What is Banklify?

Banklify is a software that automatically creates Done-For-You ClickBank money websites. This money websites will be loaded with pre-written content spin from other niche websites and has your pre-approved ClickBank affiliate offers to help you make affiliate commissions. This means, you don’t need to write any content for your website and you can create as many money websites as possible in the shortest possible time. And all you need to focus on doing is to just drive traffic to all your money websites. Honestly as you can see here, half of the heavy work is already done for you with Banklify software.

Banklify push-button app features:

Let’s see inside Banklify software!

Is Banklify worth it?

As you can see above, Banklify is a legitimate software that automatically creates Done-For-You ClickBank affiliate niche website. If you are looking for such automation tool for your affiliate business, then Banklify is worth it!

Why is Banklify worth it?
1. Saves many hours of your time to create just one website.
2. You can create many niche websites without much heavy lifting.
3. The websites created actually looks sleek and professional.
4. No steep learning curve because the software is very easy to use.
5. Free website hosting for all the websites you created.
6. Half of your work is done with this software!

Product Price

Front End: $19 at the time of writing. If you visit the sales page for the first time, a one-time pop up window will offer you a $2 discount. Grab this discount if you’re ready to buy.

Banklify has deep one-time-offer and upsells funnel which is optional to purchase:
Banklify Pro – $37.00
Banklify Pro Discount – $27.00
Banklify Regular Discount – $17.00
Banklify Advanced – $47.00
Banklify Advanced Discount – $37.00
Banklify Traffic Academy – $47.00
Banklify Traffic Academy Discount – $37.00
Banklify DFY Service – $67.00
Banklify DFY Service Discount – $47.00
Banklify Agency Bronze – $47.00
Banklify Agency Silver – $67.00
Banklify Agency Gold – $127.00
Banklify Reseller – $67.00
Banklify Reseller Discount – $47.00
Banklify Agency Discount – $37.00

You will know the details of the one-time-offer and upsells after you make the front end purchase because you’ll be brought through all the upsell funnel pages. I will not go into each details of the upsell since it’s optional and each of the upsell sales page is self explanatory. You can purchase the upsell wherever you see is useful for your online business.


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