ProfitGram Review With Demo Video

Welcome to my ProfitGram review! To save your time and to help you make better buying decision, follow my walkthrough for the software.

What is ProfitGram?

ProfitGram is an Instagram management and automation tools where you can manage all activities for your Instagram account. You can:
1. Schedule new post.
2. Automate and customize your engagement (like, comment, follow and unfollow, direct message, repost).
3. Build-in image editor to edit your post images.
4. Add as many Instagram accounts to manage all account under one roof.

ProfitGram demo video

Is ProfitGram worth it?

As you can see, ProfitGram is a legitimate software to help you automate many task in Instagram. In fact, ProfitGram has more automation function compared to QishioSoci and Type4Cash. ProfitGram is worth it, if you want to focus on building your Instagram account right now! Below are the benefits of using ProfitGram:

  1. Focus on building your Instagram account.
  2. Want to tap Instagram to reach your audience.
  3. Can automate posting, like, comment, follow, unfollow, direct message.
  4. Can connect and manage multiple Instagram account under one roof.
  5. Cheap entry pricing at $17 (1-time only).

However, you can only send 20 – 50 (depending on account age) direct messages in Instagram per day. When you exceeded your daily limit, you cannot send anymore direct messages for the day but you can continue sending after 24 hours.

Product Price

Front End: $17 at the time of writing. If you visit the sales page for the first time, a one-time pop up window will offer you a $2 discount. Grab this discount if you’re ready to buy.

ProfitGram has deep one-time-offer (OTO) and upsells funnel which is optional to purchase:
ProfitGram PRO – $36.93
ProfitGram PRO DS – $26.93
ProfitGram Enterprise – $46.93
ProfitGram Enterprise DS – $36.93
ProfitGram DFY – $39.00
ProfitGram DFY DS – $29.00
ProfitGram Reseller – $197.00
ProfitGram Reseller DS – $97.00
ProfitGram IMX Bundle – $39.00
ProfitGram IMX Bundle DS – $19.00

You will learn the details of the OTO and upsells after you make the front end purchase. OTO and upsells are optional and is self-explanatory in the page. You can purchase the upsell wherever you see is useful for your online business.


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