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In this review, I will share extra insights into Stripped Down Sales by James and Jeremy.

So in a nutshell, Stripped Down Sales teaches you how to setup a simple sales funnel to start selling online. And as true as they claimed, you really don’t need a website or paid ads to make this funnel work. On top of that, you’ll discover 3 free tools that you can use to build your sales funnel. And free method to draw eyeballs to any product that you want to sell. 


Course duration
Delivered in a PDF file. There are 12 modules and each module is delivered in short video form. You can complete the training in less than an hour and that’s what I like. Short and sweet training. 2 of the 12 modules are case studies example to show the possible success stories.

Who is it for?
Beginners and newbies who are looking for ways to generate income from the internet and want to start today. For newbies who have no idea what is a sales funnel and don’t know how to set up one. You’ll learn how to setup from this training. Also suitable for someone with some experiences and like to explore free ways to setup a funnel. As for the expert, this is not for you.

How to use this funnel?
This funnel works best for electronic info product businesses. Where you delivered your product digitally to the customers almost immediately after he made his payment. However, with some thinking, you can adopt the same funnel setup to sell other thing that you want. I’ll leave this space to you.

When it comes to creating product, don’t worry if you have nothing to sell. You’ll discover where to find some products to sell. If you like to sell this training itself, you can grab the Done For You upgrade. With that, you can sell the training as your own and make 100% profit from the sales you generated.

Apart from the Done For You, there are two more optional upgrades and that’s it. There isn’t many upgrades as compare to many other products that I’ve seen. The other two upgrades are Sales Multiplier (for those of you who want to earn more) and VIP Mastermind (to join their close mastermind group where the creators will share more digital marketing strategy).

How to get sales?
You’ll discover how to get interested buyers to see you product. It’s free traffic and again, adding some of your own creativity you can duplicate the method. Just copy, rinse and repeat the process to keep sending traffic to your funnel to get sales.

If you are interested with a training that enable you to start setting up immediately, you can access it here.

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