Easy first affiliate commissions with your funnel {easiest ever}

If you already had prior experience in internet marketing, this might sound like an old news. But if you are totally new, here is where things get very interesting! This stuff never run out, it always work. However, it relies on having both the squeeze page and the self-liquidating offer (SLO) to make this happen. Let’s take a look at how to earn your easy first affiliate commissions!

Before I continue, let’s check what is SLO for those who don’t know. SLO is a front-end product, priced at below $10. You can source these type of products from Warrior Plus, JVZoo or Clickbank because its’ products is easier to get conversion (sales). I personally get many sales sourcing products from Warrior Plus to use as my SLO. This kind of product is what we called ‘front-end’ product and it should be cheap in order to attract your subscribers to buy. Where to display this product then? Here it goes:

1. You drive traffic to your squeeze page.

2. The visitor optin to your squeeze page by providing their email address.

3. Your email autoresponder captured the email address and then redirect them to a “Thank You Page”, which is where you show the front-end cheap product to them. Make sure your squeeze page message is congruent with the offer in order to get sales. If your squeeze page message and the product has no connection, definitely it won’t convert. As simple as that.

This is the position in your funnel whereby is the easiest to get your first affiliate commissions and if you are driving the solo ads traffic, it will even increase your chance to get a sale. Because solo ads traffic are well-known targeted traffic in the make money online niche.

Imagine you can earn some profits from the sales from this self-liquidating offer. This means you now have additional funds to re-invest in traffic to buy more solo ads, on top of the fixed amount that you have set aside to buy traffic.

This means the second time you will be able to generate more subscribers than the first time because you can buy and send more traffic. And also because the squeeze page and SLO model (funnel) was a proven to convert model for many years, no doubt! Repeat the process and keep doing this every single week, and sooner or later, the ‘compounding’ effect takes over and you will build a huge targeted list full of your own hungry subscribers waiting to hear more from you.

You can choose to invest in buying solo ads per day or per week as you wish to get to your goal faster. Or if you are good in social media, you can drive visitors with your free method to your squeeze page too. To save you the mental pain of setting up the funnel if you are total a beginner, I have provided you with a simple to follow 5-steps plan to setup the funnel. Just follow it through in sequence, it’s very easy to setup this funnel. Access my guide => Here <=

And to try solo ads traffic, below are my recommendation (more to come…)
1. Udimi – you can source and test various sellers as you wish. This is a well-known solo ads marketplace.
2. Human Eye Balls – well known premium solo ads traffic. If you are very serious, you can try them.
3. Solo Ads Testimonials – the largest solo ads group where buyers and sellers hangout on Facebook.

I want to make sure you grasp this concept fully. So here’s a free PDF that you can access and read right away. It explains everything mentioned above in greater depth. If you’re a total newbie, please read this PDF.

Hope you gain some knowledge from this post. Now it’s time to get some work done!


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    1. This article is short yet it’s full of golden nugget. Share from my own experience. Hope more people will benefit from this. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement 😉

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